Pasta e Fagioli {Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker Recipe}

It’s December and during this month I’m going to be working on more soup recipes.  This Pasta e Fagioli has always been a favorite but I’ve never tried to adapt to the Instant Pot. Until today!  I thought making this soup in my dutch oven was amazing (and it is) but the Pasta e Fagioli made in the Instant Pot is even better. Weird, right?  Not really!

Pasta e fagioli, meaning “pasta and beans”, is a traditional Italian dish. Like many other Italian favorites, including pizza and polenta, the dish started as a peasant dish, being composed of inexpensive ingredients. Today it can be widely found even in restaurants that do not specialize in Italian cuisine. It is often pronounced pasta fazool in the United States, after its name in the Neapolitan language, pasta e fasule.

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Pasta e Fagioli {Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker Recipe}
  1. Push the saute button on the Instant Pot. Allow for the pot to become hot. When hot add in 2 TBS EVOO and ground beef and stir to chop. Allow to brown for 2 minutes then add in chopped onions, garlic, black pepper and celery and stir. Saute for about 5 minutes.
  2. Push cancel on the Instant Pot.
  3. Add in beef broth, tomato sauce, spices (thyme, oregano, parsley and basil), rinsed and drained red beans and pasta.
  4. Close the lid and seal the valve. Push manual and adjust the time to 4 minutes.
  5. When timer goes off and done, quickly release pressure. Open lid and stir.
  6. Serve with Parmesan cheese (optional).
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Recipe adapted to Instant Pot from All Recipes

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