Pizza Fries {Using Air Fryer French Fries}

We have been using our air fryer so much to just make fries.  It is so easy and although there are still carbs in the potatoes, I feel less guilt because they are not fried.  These pizza fries are magic and can be done without the air fryer and even with a bag of frozen potatoes but when the fries come out tasting THIS good with just 1 TBS of oil, I don’t need to buy bags anymore from the freezer section.

If you’re using an air fryer, begin by cleaning and cutting your potatoes into fries.  I use a basic french fry cutter that I purchased and it works great.  I add to a bowl and mix with 1 TBS of oil and then place in the basket of air fryer and turn on.  Press manual and if needed push the french fry button and adjust time to 18 minutes.  About halfway through, you’ll want to open the basket and give it a nice toss. You know, kinda like you’re working the fries in your favorite fast food joint.

When the timer goes off, remove the fries and salt and pepper them to your liking.

Place the fries an oven save dish.

Top with pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, marinara sauce (your favorite sauce).

Top with mozzarella cheese and dried oregano.

Then finally top with pepperoni and you’re ready to bake.

That’s it.  Bake and then pull out of oven and allow to cool and enjoy!

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Pizza Fries {Using Air Fryer French Fries}
  1. If using an air fryer, wash and cut fries and place in a bowl. Coat with 1 TBS oil and add to basket inside air fryer.
  2. Turn air fryer on, touch the M button and then the fries and adjust time to 18 minutes and 400°F if needed.
  3. Around 9 minutes, pull out the basket and shake fries so they will get evenly cooked. Close basket and the timer will continue.
  4. When done remove fries and place in oven safe dish.
  5. Cover with sauce, cheese, oregano and pepperoni.
  6. Put in 400°F oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted and the sauce has come to temperature.
  7. Serve as is or with a ranch sauce.
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